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بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Lesson 1.1 Accompanying Text for Lesson 1.1 

Please note that the English is merely a guide – as opposed to an accurate translation – as to what the matn (text) refers to. We ask Allah for forgiveness for the inevitable mistakes.

This lesson covers:

  • Sources of Sacred Law
  • Definitions and Legal Implications of ‘Specific’ and ‘General’ words in the Book of Allah Most High.

Sources of Sacred Law

    1. The Book of Allahal-Qur’an
    2. The Sunna of His Messenger [Peace & Blessings be upon him]
    3. Ijma [Consensus]
    4. Qiyas or analogical reasoning
Definitions of Specific (Khaas) and General (‘Aam)
Specific (Khaas) can be of three essential types:
    1. Khaas al Fard (Specific Individual) – For example ‘Zaid’ would be Khaas al Fard
    2. Khaas al Naw(Specific Class) – Examples of this are ‘Man’, ‘Woman’
    3. Khaas al Jins (Specific Species) – For example ‘Mankind’, ‘Animals’
General (‘Aam) refers to a word which refers to an unspecified number of particular Species – ‘Mankind’