InshaAllah everyone is invited to join us for the barakah of the Khatam of our  Rightly Guided Caliphs Course which take place THIS SUNDAY inshaALLAH

The venue is different to normal and will take place inshaALLAH at

Kings Science Academy
Northside Road
Lidget Green, Bradford

THIS SUNDAY 16th June @ 8.00pm inshaAllah

EVERYONE is welcome inshaAllah | 07824643676

I should mention, unlike previous lessons we can’t guarantee these sessions will be uploaded as previous lessons have been.


Sayyiduna ‘Ali ranks among the most elite and esteemed of Companions. His life was – from the very beginning – blessed by his proximity to the beloved Messenger ﷺ. He was raised in the house of our Master Muhammad ﷺ and was a child when revelation first came to him ﷺ and it was as a child that he readily embraced the deen. He was a Warrior and a Wayfarer, Scholar and a Sage and in truth an incredibly complex individual as we will see in the following classes. Despite his closeness to the Prophetﷺ his caliphate was characterised by great turmoil and ultimately culminated in his abdication. However, whilst his administration of the Islamic State was cut short his ministrations when it came to [spiritual] islamic states resonates even to this day with almost all of the spiritual masters and their schools finding their chains going back to Sayyiduna ‘Ali. So when people contemplate what ‘might have been’ had Sayyiduna ‘Ali been the first Caliph, I wonder what may have been lost in spiritual contemplation had he been required to deal with political administration.

Rightly Guided Caliphs - Sayyiduna 'Ali