Shaykh Atabek Shukurov an Nasafi

Shaykh Atabek Shukurov an Nasafi

Shaykh Atabek Shukurov began his religious studies in his native Uzbekistan at the young age of ten under local scholars such as Sheikh Sayyid Karim Namangany and Sheikh Mohammed Jaan, under whose guidance he began to memorise the Qur’an.

He completed his studies at the age of 21 in various subjects including Arabic Language, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafsir, Tajwid at Madrasa Abul Qasim and Jamia Islamia in Uzbekistan.

In 1998 he moved to Damascus for higher studies with some of the finest scholars of our time. He enrolled on a four year ‘al-Ijaza al-Alimiyya’ programme at the Takhassus Institute which is affiliated to al-Azhar University, Egypt. During this time his studies included: Sharh Ibn Aqeel with Sh. Atiyya, Sharh Fiqh al-Akbar with Sh. Adeeb al-Kallas, Lubab with Sh. Abdullah Rabiah, Aqida with Sh. Saeed Ramadan al-Buti, Risala Qushariyya with Sh. Abdul Fatah Bizm, Hadith with Sh. Sadiq Darwish, Da’wa with Sh. Tawfiq al-Buti. Whilst continuing his studies at the institute he also focused on intensive private lessons with Sheikh Muhammed Adnan Darwish and covered Fath Bab al-Inaya and the Mu’atta Imam Malik. He also studied Shudhoor al-Dhab, Sharh Qatar al-Nida, Thufatal Mureed, and Mukhtasar al-Bukhari with Sheikh Rushdi al-Qalam. He graduated in 2003 after spending the final year at al-Azhar University and was given certification by the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy. May Allah preserve him for the benefit of the ummah. Ameen.

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